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How it works?

OktoMag is an unique stand-alone portable device designed for filmmakers who work for TV Series, TV Commercials, Feature Films and Documentaries. It basically records videos and plays for all crew.

Simply for everyone

OktoMag looks like an ordinary video device. If you are familiar with "any" recorder, it will be much more enjoyable. Gamepad like big buttons are very easy to use for even non-technical crew.

Fast means more

You may be a DoP who looking for a specifiated take that recorded few weeks ago. It will just take a few seconds to find and play it on monitor or on any mobile device.

Mobile & small

Are you in a street rush for a TV Commercial? May be in a forest without a cart or table? OktoMag is designed for low power consumption and mobility, you don't need to leave it on the base.

Budget independent

Doesn't matter if you are in a high budget Hollywood production, or in a 5-person TV Commercial. It will meet your needs without a limit.


You don't need to stay in front of the monitors. Leave up some space for directors and remotely access to all features via any mobile device.

Everything in a box

We look forward to showing its features. Think a device that can do everything related to video, it is OktoMag.

Watch in action

Short videos that shows some of features listed below.

Great features you'll love.

These are some features of OktoMag.
*Check user manual for more.

Record & Playback

Auto-record* will make identical proxy videos on removable hot-plug SSD "Mag" and will save your time. You may specify scene or shot names if you want. And you will love the jog seeker.

Gang Record

If you are shooting with multiple cameras and multiple OktoMags, your videos will be exactly synchronized with each others. Doesn't need any settings! Best solution for multi-camera sets.

Instant Sharing

Proxy records will be available in a second after saying "cut". Just drag & drop files to your video editor in your PC/Mac over wireless* or 1Gb/s ethernet connection. Fastest solution for on-set VFX technicians or Editors.

Overlay & ChromaKey

Trying to match your live frame with a plate or shot? Or shooting on green/blue screen? Mix your live frame with any video or picture just by pressing 3 buttons.

On Screen Browser

Now it is possible to seek between takes with a smooth on screen thumbnail browser. OktoMag groups the takes by scene and shot for easy browsing. Directors are loving that.

Web Remote

It is for all crew! Just give permission to users. So they could use their mobile devices for checking live-view*, browsing or watching takes even while OktoMag is still recording new takes. And remotely control everything, within a wireless* range.


Here is a short summary for OktoMag's specifications. Detailed specs may be found in user manual.

1x Video in HD-SDI
1x Video out HD-SDI
1x Audio In Balanced 3pin Female XLR
1x Audio Out Balanced 3pin Male XLR
1x Media slot 2.5" SSD mount
2x Gigabit Ethernet for Sharing, Gang or WebRemote
2x USB 3.0 for import/export Video or picture
1x Power In 3pin Male mini XLR (12-27 Volt, 29 Watt)
1x Power In&Out 4pin Male mini XLR (Regulated 12 Volt 3A)

1x OLED Display (Not shows live or playback)
3x Big buttons (Live/Record, Stop and Play)
1x Knob for Headphone volume control
1x Headphone Jack 3.5mm
1x Navigator buttons with Jog
1x Power On/Off button


OktoMag draws very low power, 29 Watts while fully functioning. It may be powered by a DC power adaptor or any type of battery. OktoMag may work with two different power sources in same time as hot-swap. This means, you may power up with DC, and you can connect a battery for backup power. Or, you may totally work with batteries, and you can switch between batteries without shutting down the OktoMag. Also, it generates 12 Volt 3 Amps regulated power for onboard accessories like wireless receiver or monitor.

Supported Video Formats

  • Resolution FPS
  • 1080i 60, 59.94, 50
  • 1080PsF 30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98
  • 1080p 30, 29.97, 25, 24, 23.98
  • 720p 60, 59.94, 50
  • 625i PAL 25

SSD as Recording Media

OktoMag uses ordinary 2.5" SSD drives as recording media, that we named "Mag". It could be use as hot-plug. OktoMag records with DNxHD36 codec in MOV or MXF containers. It also converts recorded files to H264 MOV for WebRemote playback. You may find sample recorded videos at Support section.

Stand Alone Operation

OktoMag is designed for working as a stand-alone device. All functions are accessible through onboard OLED display. Start capturing after connecting SDI cable and power.

Auto Record as Proxy

OktoMag can recognize SDI signal flag when camera start recording. And records video simultaneously with camera. In supported cameras, OktoMag also use same filename with camera. This means, you have the dailies at the same time. VFX technicians or On-set editors can use Proxy recording feature for fast editing. You don't need to wait for DIT to convert files.

Audio through XLR or SDI Embedded

OktoMag accepts industry standart balanced analog audio through 3pin XLR or digital audio through SDI embedded. OktoMag displays sound level on OLED Display and WebRemote. So, sound technicians has ability to check if sound is OK.

Gang for Multi-Camera

OktoMags are designed for working like a "one device" when connected to each other. You could easly connect OktoMags like daisy-chain with their Ethernet (Network) sockets. That is all! Any calibration is not required. There is no slaves or master, slavery was in last century. Just normally use one of them, others will be follow up. When auto record is activated in gang usage, OktoMags starts recording with first camera. And stop recording after last camera's cut.

Realtime Compositing

OktoMag can overlay live source with video or pictures in realtime. This may be helpful if you are working for a plan with VFX. If you are shooting on a green/blue screen, OktoMag can do realtime chroma keying with any plate. Plates could be a recorded video, or an imported picture/video. OktoMag supports 4 layers for compositing at the same time: Live source, an imported video and 2 images. You can apply opacity, resize, crop or re-positioning to all layers on screen.

If you are bored from list-view of takes, this is for you. OktoMag can make group of takes with scene and shot names. And you can smootly browse all of takes easly on HD-SDI out. Thumbnails overlays on monitor while you are in live or playback. If director is not sure about what he/she wants, just leave control to him/her to surf between takes.

It is something like there is a personal YouTube on set! OktoMag has an embedded web server for remote controlling and mobile playing. We call it "WebRemote". WebRemote is using HTML5 and WebSocket technologies to be lightning fast. This means, you can easly connect with your "any brand" of mobile device or laptop. This feature is not only for video assist operators or super-user of the device. It is for every crew member, of course it depends on permissions controled by super-user. Type clapper data and descriptions, tag shots with keywords, rate with stars... So, every crew member will personaly find & play their own takes without interrupting big monitors.

Check out user manual for details.

If you want to learn more about features, we recommend to check user manual.

Select your OktoMag.

Not mentioned specifications are the same for models.

  • OnBoard Interface No
  • Proxy recording No
  • Hot Swap power in No
  • Regulated power out No
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  • OnBoard Interface Yes
  • Proxy recording Yes
  • Hot Swap power in Yes
  • Regulated power out Yes
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Sample files

Coming soon...
Proxy DNxHD36 for Arri Alexa (MOV)
Proxy DNxHD36 for Arri Alexa (MXF)
WebRemote H264 for Arri Alexa (MOV)

Firmware Updates

OktoMag Firmware 2.2.1 (Size: ~4MB)

Do you have any questions?

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